Sunday, September 21

3:00 to 9:00 pm (or however long it lasts)
Prospect Park Picnic House, Brooklyn

The Picnic House is inside Prospect Park, closest to the intersection of 5th Street and Prospect Park West. It's directly behind the big old mansion called Litchfield Villa. Litchfield Villa's address is 95 Prospect Park West.

- Here's a map showing the 5th St. park entrance!

- Find a detailed map of Prospect Park right here!

Please note: If you've never been to the Park before, give yourself plenty of time to find the Picnic House. The Park was designed to be curvy, rambling and confusing as an antidote to the rest of the City's cruel (yet convenient!) urban grid. Word has it that people always get lost going to weddings in Prospect Park.

Free charter bus from the Algonquin!!!:
We are chartering two buses to take guests from the Algonquin Hotel, 59 W. 44th Street, to the wedding. Here is the bus schedule:

- Buses leave the Algonquin at 2:00 pm and arrive by 3:00 pm.
- Buses leave the wedding at 9:00 pm and return to hotel by 10:00 pm.

If you think that you're going to want to take the bus on Sunday, please give Jordan Nerenberg a call:
847-864-1668 or

Subway: Here's a map!
Take the 2 or 3 train to Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. After coming up the subway station steps, walk towards the big, grand, Civil War-era Park entrance. You can't miss it. Once you're inside the Park walk along the roadway that runs parallel to Prospect Park West. The Picnic House will be on your left near the intersection of 5th Street and Prospect Park West. All told it's about a half mile walk from the subway to the Picnic House. Most of that walk is in the Park.

You can also take the F train to 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. It let's you out on 7th Avenue and 9th Street. Walk up-hill on 9th Street, two blocks until you hit Prospect Park West. Enter the Park and take a left on the Park Drive. All in all it's about a half-mile walk from the subway to the Picnic House.

Car service:
If you don't want to take the train, your best bet is to have a car service to take you. Ask your hotel concierge to order a car for you. Tell the driver to take you to Prospect Park West and 5th Street in Park Slope. The car won't be allowed in the Park so you will be dropped off just outside the Park. Expect the ride to take about a half hour from midtown Manhattan and to cost somewhere around $20.

Tell your driver you're going to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, specifically, Prospect Park West and 5th Street. He won't be allowed to drive into the Park itself on a Sunday but the Picnic House is just a short walk in from the 5th Street entrance, right behind Litchfield Villa (95 Prospect Park West).

Sunday afternoon is not the worst time to find a parking spot in Park Slope since a certain number of Slopers always take their cars out of town for the weekend. That being said, there's never a lot of parking available. You might find a spot somewhere on Prospect Park West or on one of the nearby side streets. Try to get as close to the intersection of Prospect Park West and 5th Street as you can. But your best bet may be to park in the garage at 906 Union Street between 6th and 7th Ave. It's a little more than a half-mile walk from the garage to the Picnic House. There is also a car service right across the street from the parking garage. They should be able to fetch a car for you pretty quickly and it will probably only cost about $6 to get to the Prospect Park West and 5th Street.

If, after taking the 2 or 3 train to Grand Army Plaza you don't want to walk the half-mile to the Picnic House, you can catch the B69 bus right outside the subway station exit. The B69 runs south along Prospect Park West and drops you right near the 3rd Street entrance to the Park. Unfortunately, the bus runs only twice an hour on Sundays. So, unless you see it right there, forget it.